Artec Studio 17

What’s new in Artec Studio 17

Datum alignment for scan-to-CAD

As a rule of metrology, even when your scan is an impeccable digital twin of a part or object, if it isn’t properly aligned with its corresponding CAD reference model, any variances that show up can be unreliable due to misalignment. With Datum alignment, all it takes is a few clicks to fully align your meshes and CAD models using key geometric features.

Enhanced targets support for metrology

If your scanning workflow requires the use of reference objects for data registration such as circular targets, spheres, or checkerboards, you now have better manual control over these objects in Artec Studio. See them in 3D as part of your workspace, choose spheres or circular targets for registration, measure the distance between them, identify which are out of place or missing, and exclude them from registration. In addition, you can now import multiple reference target clouds into the workspace and choose which ones to use for tracking.

Auto surfacing

Convert complex organic shapes into solid CAD models in one click with the new Auto Surface feature. Facilitate reverse engineering of complex geometries and create referential CAD surfaces for in-depth RE workflows in third-party CAD software.

Boolean operations

Modify your models with CAD entities and meshes, using industry-standard boolean operations: Union, Subtract, and Intersect. Build molds, create complex shapes, fine-tune meshes to match the design intent, and more.